The IJ4000 HMI Integrated Valve Controller is engineered for large character inkjet printing applications. The 10.2” color touch screen display is specially enclosed in stainless steel for industrial environments. The user interface is designed to simplify operator inputs, achieving dynamic print message designs including auto-codes compatible with Unicode supported languages.

Installation on the line is not required. The IJ4000 HMI Integrated Valve Controller can be installed as far away as 100 meters when connected via Ethernet and an unlimited distance when connected through a Network.


  • 10.2” color touch screen display with pop up on-screen keyboard
  • Smart connection hub design allows the system to control multiple production lines from a remote location
  • Multiple printhead configuration allows you to drive up to 16 IV9-Dot or 8 IV18-Dot printheads
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) with WYSIWYG editor makes creating and editing print messages simple
  • Equipped with 1 Ethernet, 1 USB and 2 RS232 ports for optimal connectivity
  • Auto code capabilities include Time, Date, Use By, Julian, Count, Shifts, Variable Input and User Defined Codes