The IV12-Dot print head has been re-engineered to have a smaller dot size with closer spacing between dots. The resulting print is crisp and highly legible with reduced ink consumption. With smaller print capabilities, the IV12-Dot becomes a utility player that can perform primary product coding as well as case coding. The printer features a 1/2″ print height and with a 5 dot font that can print characters 3/16” tall in two lines of stacked print. Ink supply is available in 13 oz. pressurized cans or with bulk containers. The IV12-Dot print head can use any of the existing IV inks and enjoys the same operating characteristics that the rest of the Integrated Valve family of print heads has to offer.


  • 1/2″ print height
  • Fonts supplied: 5, 7, 9 & 12 dot in single and bold
  • Photo cells built into print head face plate
  • Rugged extrusion aluminum housing
  • Environmentally sealed print head for harsh environments
  • Economical operation with least expensive cost per mark of all print technologies
  • Stainless Steel face plate
  • Built-in LED display and membrane switch panel on back of print head for:
    • channel purge (for cleaning and checking print)
    • dot size adjustment
    • checking ink supply pressure
  • Line speeds up to 650 ft/min
  • Throw distance up to 1/2″
  • Any print orientation (up, down, sideways)
  • Large variety of inks available:
    • porous/non-porous
    • colors
    • low/no VOC
    • MEK
    • gypsum board specific
  • Bulk ink supply:
    • 5 gal pail
    • 35 gal drum
  • Centralized ink supply for up to 16 print heads
  • Optional equipment:
    • external photo cell
    • encoder
    • bulk ink supply