The SL501 is our 50 watt CO2 laser for the fastest and most difficult applications. With a standard IP65 rating it is ready to roll onto your production line and produce superior codes.


  • Lower installation costs
  • Less downtime and hassle
  • Simple setup and everyday operation
  • Reliable coding around the clock without the need for manual intervention
  • High quality codes even at higher line speeds

High performance in harsh production environments

  • Prints high quality text, graphics and DataMatrix codes
  • Able to mark a wide range of materials
  • Capable of speeds of over 2200 feet per minute
  • IP65 Stainless Steel enclosure

The perfect fit for your production line

  • Stand-alone mobile cabinet easily moves between production lines
  • Articulated arm allows access to tight spaces
  • No need for factory air or water for cooling laser tube

Full control at your fingertips

  • Program and control coder using integrated keypad or remote panel
  • Remote editing via LinxDraw PC software
  • Ethernet control over multiple machines


Performance SL501 (lens 125mm) SL501 (lens 200mm)
Maximum number of actual characters per second 2000 2000
Maximum line speed (substrate dependent one line of 10 characters) 500 m/min 740 m/min
Spot size 0.25 mm 0.4 mm
Maximum message length 2000mm 2000mm
Mark field 87 x 84 mm 139 x 135 mm
Marking distance 117 mm 200 mm
Character height 1 to 87 mm 1 to 139 mm
Coding capability Stationary or moving Stationary or moving
Print orientation 0 – 360° 0 – 360°
General Features
Set-up/user interface Via integrated keypad, remote panel or PC
PC user interface application Windows XP/Vista
Multiple operating languages English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian
Comprehensive systems diagnostics including log function Yes
Variable pulse frequency 1000 to 38000 Hz
Memory storage (MMC) 256MB
Password protection 3 protected levels
Dual galvo character generation Yes
Automatic safety shutter Yes
Printing and programming facilities
Character type Vector fonts
Available fonts 9 system fonts, OTF, TTF, PFA, PFB and SVG fonts, Optional customized fonts
Real time with offset Yes (hh:mm:ss)
Date stamp with offset Yes
Julian date Yes
Custom date and time formats Yes
Shift code with time increment Yes
Increment/decrement (batch count) Yes
Unit measurement (imperial and metric) Yes
Last code used Yes
Graphics edit and download capability Using LinxDraw Software
Job control Yes
Job select 256 jobs
Bar codes BC25, BC251, BC39, BC39E, BC93, EAN 8, EAN 13, BC128, EAN128, Postnet, SCC14, UPC A, UPC E, RSS14TR, RSS14ST, RSS14STO, RSSLIM, RSSEXP
Data matrix 2D codes ECC000, ECC050, ECC080, ECC100, ECC140, ECC200, ECC PLAIN, QR
Circular text Yes
Physical characteristics
Stainless steel mobile unit with castors Yes
Weight – laser unit/interface unit 134 kg
Articulated arm material Anodized aluminum
Arm reach 0.63m, 1.16m, 1.48m
Environmental protection rating IP65
Cooling Stand Alone Closed Loop (water to air) no factory air or water required
Articulated arm support 134 kg
Articulated arm material Optional
Range of articulated arms 0.63m (4 turns), 1.16m (7 turns), 1.48m (7 turns)
Beacon Optional
Electrical requirements 100 – 240V volt single phase +/-10&percent;, 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 1.8 kVA
Laser details
Laser type Sealed CO2 RF excited
Laser – maximum power 50W
Wave-length 10.3
Beam safety shutter Automatic
Gas consumption Nil
Tube warranty 2 years
Environmental details
Ambient operating temperature +5°C to +40°C
Automatic overheat detection Yes
Storage temperature -10°C to +70°C
Humidity range 10-90&percent; r.h. (non condensing)
Interface ports 1 detector, 1 encoder, 1 Serial RS232, 1 External RJ45, Ethernet Port, 1 Internal RJ45 Ethernet Port
Computer interface Ethernet
Job select Yes
Good mark output Yes
Bad mark outputct Yes
Emergency stop Yes
Remote control Yes
Remote update RS232
Auto start up Yes
Regulatory approvals
CE mark Yes
CDRH Accession number: 0120991-003